Parent-infant work and young children

The rewarding first stages of your child’s life can bring questions and anxieties. Pregnancy may also be a difficult time. Many parents or carers are concerned when their baby or toddler shows signs of upset or sleeplessness or when there is a crisis in a family that affects a small child. When things get too much some people find it helpful to talk things over with an outside professional.

In work with the young child, mothers, father and carers are also encouraged to be an active part of the process. As younger children approach 4-5 years of age it is possible for them to also have some individual work alongside work with their parents/carers and family.

One of the many benefits of such work is the quick change that is possible in the early stages of a baby’s or young child’s life. Psychotherapeutic help during the perinatal period and early years can often be brief, highly effective and reduce the likelihood of later problems.